Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in british_greens,
Kipling's Cat

Our first debate...

ok, if you read the green party manifesto, you see that the Green Party is in favour of equality. The green party was instrumental in bringing in legislation to allow Gay and Lesbian couples to form Civil Contracts and allow them to designate their partners as next of kin like a heterosexual couple when it came to proprerty rights and pensions and stuff like that.

However, I see no empahasis on feminism as such. As an online community, we are unofficially linked to the Green Party, but as a member myself, I would like to see the party as a whole officially uphold feminism.
The Greens are officially commited to ending discrimination and promoting a 'fair and just' society. to me this implies that we ought to be supporting Amnesty International's camapaign to eradicate violence agaist women, for a start.

Ok, maybe like me, you joined the Green Party with an AI membership card in your back pocket, but it could equally be true that you join the Green party and don't even know about the issue (If you have not joined the Green party at all yet, click on the website before you leave ;).

the fact is that oppression, exploitation and sexism still work against women in many areas of society. as Greens, we should be fighting against this, as much as we are fighting against pollution or against nuclear weapons. I move that we include 'feminism' as an interest of this community and get the party at national level to raise awareness of womens issues.
Also, does anyone want any other interests listed?
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