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The Green Party

promoting a greener lifestyle at home and abroad.

The Unofficial Green Party community.
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This is the Unofficial LJ community for members of the Green Party . There are two green parties in the UK, The Scottish Green Party and The Green Party of England and Wales.
Anyone is welcome to join, but the focus will be on Uk politics. If we get enough people joining from north of the border, they may wish to form a seperate community, but until that happens all UK people are welcome here.

There are also seperate Green parties in Europe and the States, but we share with them the same concern about the environment and related issues.

You do not have to be a member of the Greens to join, and this is the 'unofficial' LJ, in that UK Party HQ doesn't even know about it (yet) however, I hope that it will attract new members, and will then seek Official recognition.

So, what is the Green party all about? Well, have a look at the Official Website -

As you can see, the Green Party takes the environment as fundamental to everything else.
Environmentalism is about Transport, Housing, Local Government, International Trade and many other things, not just a single issue.

As Moderator, I am an active member of my local Green Party, and hope to use the Live Journal community to link up with other greens, and to provide a forum for discussing green issues and informing the wider LJ community on Green issues.