Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in british_greens,
Kipling's Cat


I had a look and did not see any community already dedicated to The Green party on LJ. So, here it is, an LJ community for Green Party members and anyone else interested in green politics.

I hope to provide a space here for people to find out about green issues, and meet other like minded people.
also for members to debate and discuss, as well as link up for local events, etc. If you want to join the party, or volunteer to do some icons for this community, or help to mod it, you are more than welcome. you are also welcome to just pop in, ask questions, discuss and debate, but please keep it to a decent civilised level. We are not here to feed trolls, or to insult other people who may disagree. as I said on the profile page, I am an active local GP member myself, and will do my best to answer any questions and recruit you

In the UK at present, the Green Party has about 8,000 members nationally, and about 1200 in London. we have one Green Peer in the House of Lords, and two MEPs in the European Parliament. We also have two members in the Greater London Assembly and and are also represented in many local councils. Yoy can contact local Green Party members through the national website, as listed on the Profile page, so-
Welcome to the Party!
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