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Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill

Last Fri 10 Mar, the UK House of Commons debated the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, which makes specific provisions to tackle climate change e.g. requiring Government and local authority strategies on climate change, and easing the connection of microgeneration equipment to the Grid.

The Bill is supported by the vast majority of MPs, and Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties. But the Conservative backbenchers Eric Forth and Christopher Chope 'filibustered' - talked for so long that the Bill remained stuck in the Commons. However, this Bill has a second chance - this Fri 17 Mar it will be debated again.

You can help this Bill to succeed in two ways.

(1) Please lobby your own MP to be in the House (e.g. use http://www.writetothem.com/): This date will not be in their diaries - the debate should have been completed last week. There need to be at least 40 MPs present on Friday if a vote is called.

(2) Please contact David Cameron about his two rogue MPs. He and his party environment spokesmen have played a positive role. But the actions of Forth and Chope undermine this. You can use the Conservatives website:


FYI: The debate from last week is transcribed online:
as is the full text of the Bill:
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