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Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:47 pm
As we have already got a Green Party community that is bigger than this one,this community will cease to be in 3 days time, as of... now!

If anyone wants to know, we are moving to green_party_uk. see you there!
Friday, March 17th, 2006
12:25 am
As I am sure you are all aware, there is a big Green Party of over 50 members already on LJ. This is quite a standing ( bigger than the official Conservative community, for a start!)
however, it does cast a quetion over the future and purpose of this one.

We could disband and go join the big party over here-

Or we could invent a role for ourselves. We could become the Uk action team for SE England, as I am based in London - a seperate community with its own links and an action team could servee a useful purpose. Leave the national stuff to be dicussed on the national community while we focus on London and SE issues. What does everyone else reckon?

My thanks to purpletigron for finding The Big One for us.
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
10:14 am
9:27 am
I'd like to find any blogs which are being updated from the Green Party Spring Conference in Scarborough?
5:25 am
Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill
xposted -- mylastchance posted to livejournal_uk

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

Hi there. I've just come across this piece by oldmotherchaos and I was wondering what anyone had to say in relation to the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. I'm not completely savvy about it, but as-is it seems pretty scary.

Look, I'm often a bit ranty. I admit that, and you almost certainly know it and make allowance. I overplay my rhetoric for dramatic effect from time to time -- although I've never altered a fact or statistic -- and I certainly tend to assume the worst rather than the best, particularly when I'm talking about our Lords and Masters and their motivations.

I'm making the point because I need you to put that aside for a moment.
For once, I'm not grandstanding.
This is deadly serious.

First of all, ask yourself _carefully_: Do you clearly remember the details of how Hitler got himself legally appointed as Dictator of Germany?
The Reichstag Fire?
The mass-media promotion of the Communist Threat?
The Enabling Act?

If you're in the least bit fuzzy, go have a quick look at Wikipedia right now. Please. It's worth it.

All done? OK.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to the tediously-named Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. You can find it here on the UK Government website: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200506/cmbills/111/06111.1-4.html

You probably haven't heard of it before, unless you're a habitual political activist. You should have, though. The Bill had its second reading in the House of Commons this week, where just a handful of MPs barely got the chance to debate it. It's now winding its way through towards quietly becoming a hideous turning point.

The Bill is actually written rather simply, for a piece of law. It's not very long. Have a look for yourself.

Under the terms of the Bill, a Cabinet Minster may alter any piece of UK legislation -- or draft an entirely new piece -- by issuing an "Order". That's right. The Bill grants Ministers the power to pass or amend laws almost as they see fit.

There are some restrictions, of course. There are a few trivial content restrictions. The Minister has to be personally satisfied that the Order is in line with what party policy hopes to achieve, for example. The Minister also has to accept that an Order cannot be used to remove a freedom which members of the public could reasonably expect to retain -- with the Minister deciding what reasonable expectations are, of course. New crimes created by Orders cannot have punishments more severe than two years imprisonment without trial, although of course multiple infringements can always be given to be served one after another.

The key defence though is that an Order has to be open to ratification by existing Parliament processes. It has to be voted into effect by Parliament.
It's OK after all...

...or is it?

The structure of Parliament and existing process means that whilst in theory the Bill would allow Parliament a vote on any given Order -- NOTE _not_ a debate; _not_ a change to amend; _not_ multiple readings; _not_ all the other usual structure of the government process, just a vote -- it would also be possible for Orders to come through Select Committees: in other words, to be rubber-stamped by Minister-selected groups of MPs.

Make no mistake. This Bill takes Parliament out of Government almost entirely -- something Blair is desperate to achieve, as he is currently having a terrible time fighting his parliament. Saner and wiser heads than mine are calling this the Abolition of Parliament Act. The media have been very, very, VERY quiet about this, which is frightening. There are a few articles, buried in the back of major papers and magazines:


Oh, in case you were wondering, the Bill allows for Orders to bind the Crown, so the Monarchy is no defense.

"Best" of all, the Bill can even be used to amend itself. So the idea of, oh, say, removing the requirement for Parliament to have the option to strike an Order down could be passed through Select Committee as one recommendation in a gargantuan, bland and otherwise mildly beneficial report on something really boring -- say giving MPs another pay rise -- and an Order implementing the report could be slipped through quietly late one night when only a handful of MPs are about. Wham. Suddenly, Ministers would have the power to pass any law they saw fit without debate, notice or redress, all nice and legal and contitutional and unavoidable. (This is the "Indian Rope Trick" that a couple of the news reports mention).

When the bill was first introduced, Ministers promised it wouldn't be used for anything controversial, just for streamlining existing laws relating to business. This week, they were down to saying it wouldn't be used to do anything extremely controversial -- and even that tiny safeguard is being refused admission to the law. Already they're getting the bit between their teeth, and it isn't even passed yet.

If you don't find this terrifying, I suggest you read some of the other Constitution articles and links from the news sources above, go back to Wikipedia and read more about Hitler, or go read some current affairs sites regarding Iran, Iraq, "Terrorism", "Pedophilia", modern Surveillance, and the removal of rights to political protest in recent years.

Then ask yourself -- if someone in the modern world truly wanted to take over, and had studied 20th century history, and knew where the Bolsheviks and the Nazis had gone right AND where they'd gone wrong; someone very clever and very manipulative; someone who knew how to avoid spooking the herd; who knew how to manipulate the media; who truly believed He knew what was best for everyone -- what sort of strategy would such a person take, knowing that the hysteria that swept the Nazis through would ring alarm bells this time round? OK, I admit it, this paragraph is assuming the worst. But please, think. There is no possible justification for this power grab. Can you truly afford to risk assuming the best -- and of our politicians, no less -- on this one?

Note to UK Residents: You can get a template letter to send to your MP from some activist types here http://www.hoojum.com/LARRB/LARRB.html

Please. Make use of it right now. Please.

Note to Non-UK Residents: You know how Hollywood always casts Brits as the sly, manipulative villains who catch everyone by surprise by not being as cultured as they sounded? Now you know why. Do not assume you are safe. If our lot get away with this, your lot will follow suit faster than you can say "Bill of No Rights".

Note to everyone: This is fucking important. Please feel free to do whatever you want with any or all of this text, including link it, copy it, blog it, post it, paste it, stick it, stuff it or T-shirt it.

Any opinions and information about it appreciated.

- Danny
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
9:32 am
Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill
Last Fri 10 Mar, the UK House of Commons debated the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, which makes specific provisions to tackle climate change e.g. requiring Government and local authority strategies on climate change, and easing the connection of microgeneration equipment to the Grid.

The Bill is supported by the vast majority of MPs, and Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties. But the Conservative backbenchers Eric Forth and Christopher Chope 'filibustered' - talked for so long that the Bill remained stuck in the Commons. However, this Bill has a second chance - this Fri 17 Mar it will be debated again.

You can help this Bill to succeed in two ways.

(1) Please lobby your own MP to be in the House (e.g. use http://www.writetothem.com/): This date will not be in their diaries - the debate should have been completed last week. There need to be at least 40 MPs present on Friday if a vote is called.

(2) Please contact David Cameron about his two rogue MPs. He and his party environment spokesmen have played a positive role. But the actions of Forth and Chope undermine this. You can use the Conservatives website:


FYI: The debate from last week is transcribed online:
as is the full text of the Bill:

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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
10:31 am
Sustainable Britain
Knowledge without action is useless. What can we best do now to propel Britain, and the world, toward sustainability?

The Greens should be part of the solutionCollapse )

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8:30 am
May Elections - Vote Green in your local area.
With 4,000 members, and over 1,000 of those in London, the Greens can legitimately claim to be the fourth largest party in the country. In the upcoming local elections on May the 4th, we hope to field an unprecedented number of candidates, thus giving even more people the chance to show their support of green policies, and to hear the arguments for a sustainable economy as we canvass for votes.

According to the Independant, one of the more progressive newspapers in Britain, the breakup of the two party system is preceded by the emergence of several large, legitimate parties. First the Lib Dems, and now we have emerged. Although UKIP has a lot of wealthy backing, the real numbers are with us. Also, because we take an international approach, and are not a 'one issue party', we can reach out to many sections in the community.

The Local Elections on May the 4th do offer Britain a real alternative. It is often at local level that recycling and other initiatives work. We in the Greens believe in doing everything at the lowest possible level and involving people in making thier own decisions. A new influx of Greens is what many inner city and urban councils need.

For real, sustainable progress, vote Green on May the 4th.
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
10:52 am
The London UK community mod has told me it is Ok to post ( as long as it isn't too often) so long as we do not plug this community there.
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
8:47 am
Attention all Greens!
I have posted an item on london_uk recently and the entry has been deleted. also I have been banned from posting. there is nothing on their profile to say that politics is off topic, and this post was concerning London. I will seek clarification from the communities mods . however, it would be wise not to post anything political there until things are clearer. <lj user-livejournal uk is okay about it though.
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
10:28 am
Unelected quango suspends Ken Livingstone.
Ken Livingstone has been suspended by an unelected and unaccountable body directly appointed by the labour government.
For full story, go here-

While ken is not a member of the Green Party, Jenny Jones, a Green member of the GLA strongly supports him.

"What has happened today is that undemocratic officials have created chaos at the heart of London's elected governnment, they have thrown the whole organisation into a spin. Londoners voted for this Mayor - not any other.

"The Green Party believe in accountability at every level of government. What happens to Ken should be up to the Assembly and the electorate - if we want him to apologise that's up to us, it's not up to ten unelected, unknown appointees to turn the whole show into a West End farce." she said.

To me, this looks like yet another attempt by Blair to kill democracy in Britain by silencing any opposition.
Friday, February 24th, 2006
2:13 pm
Further to my posting about Feminism in this community, I notice that the Green Party, without any prompting from yours truly, has made this statement on the Party website-

OK, I am pegging up 'feminism' as a community interest. does anyone want to add any other suggestions?

In other news, we started yesterday with just 3 people. We are now six. I hope that everyone will feel free to post, ask questions and make contributions here. Welcome aboard everyone - don't forget to check out the Green Party website for the latest news!

have also pinned up a peice in london_uk. Go me!
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
4:33 pm
read all about it!
The Green Party website reveals that the governmnet intends to give itself powers to bypass Parlaiment and allow legislation into force without consulting the British public and it's elected representatives.
Go here for the full story.
Why are the Tories and Lib Dems not fighting this tooth and nail, that's what I want to know? It sems that the only effective opposition to the government in this case is coming from the Greens. Join now while you can!

Xposted in my LJ and
3:42 pm
Our first debate...
ok, if you read the green party manifesto, you see that the Green Party is in favour of equality. The green party was instrumental in bringing in legislation to allow Gay and Lesbian couples to form Civil Contracts and allow them to designate their partners as next of kin like a heterosexual couple when it came to proprerty rights and pensions and stuff like that.

However, I see no empahasis on feminism as such. As an online community, we are unofficially linked to the Green Party, but as a member myself, I would like to see the party as a whole officially uphold feminism.
The Greens are officially commited to ending discrimination and promoting a 'fair and just' society. to me this implies that we ought to be supporting Amnesty International's camapaign to eradicate violence agaist women, for a start.

Ok, maybe like me, you joined the Green Party with an AI membership card in your back pocket, but it could equally be true that you join the Green party and don't even know about the issue (If you have not joined the Green party at all yet, click on the website before you leave ;).

the fact is that oppression, exploitation and sexism still work against women in many areas of society. as Greens, we should be fighting against this, as much as we are fighting against pollution or against nuclear weapons. I move that we include 'feminism' as an interest of this community and get the party at national level to raise awareness of womens issues.
Also, does anyone want any other interests listed?
1:04 pm
I had a look and did not see any community already dedicated to The Green party on LJ. So, here it is, an LJ community for Green Party members and anyone else interested in green politics.

I hope to provide a space here for people to find out about green issues, and meet other like minded people.
also for members to debate and discuss, as well as link up for local events, etc. If you want to join the party, or volunteer to do some icons for this community, or help to mod it, you are more than welcome. you are also welcome to just pop in, ask questions, discuss and debate, but please keep it to a decent civilised level. We are not here to feed trolls, or to insult other people who may disagree. as I said on the profile page, I am an active local GP member myself, and will do my best to answer any questions and recruit you

In the UK at present, the Green Party has about 8,000 members nationally, and about 1200 in London. we have one Green Peer in the House of Lords, and two MEPs in the European Parliament. We also have two members in the Greater London Assembly and and are also represented in many local councils. Yoy can contact local Green Party members through the national website, as listed on the Profile page, so-
Welcome to the Party!
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